Business Development

Collaborative Drug Discovery

Cyclenium offers access to its proprietary CMRT drug discovery technology, QUEST Library, extensive expertise and broad experience directed towards partner's targets of interest:

  • Macrocycle-based drug discovery and development including hit validation, lead optimization, generation of clinical candidates, preclinical and clinical development
  • Design and construction of targeted libraries starting from HTS, peptide leads or known protein-ligand interactions
  • Creation of custom-designed macrocycles for addition to corporate screening collections
  • Process research and development support for macrocycle scale-up and manufacturing
  • Customer-focused design of macrocycle-based R&D programs

These are only examples of the types of collaborative efforts in which the Cyclenium team has expertise and that can be applied to have a positive impact on partner programs.


Cyclenium is seeking partners with interest in the development of its advanced lead programs:

  • Broad spectrum anti-flaviviral agents
  • Novel target strategy for the treatment of cystic fibrosis
  • Biased opioid agonists for use in pain or CNS disorders

To obtain additional information on these or any of our active projects, please contact Cyclenium.


Cyclenium also welcomes inquiries from researchers with interesting early stage product development opportunities, particularly in the fields of oncology, anti-infectives, inflammatory disorders and pain.

Please contact Cyclenium to arrange for further discussions.